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joi, 11 martie 2010

Tips For Getting Past The Plateau

Posted by dantntfcs

It is when one has lost a substantial amount of weight, that one hits a plateau.
The weight loss beyond the 10% is what is the more difficult part and with the same amount of effort and caloric restrictions one finds no progress being made.
The problem here is that the body’s defense mechanism against weight loss kicks in which is why you have to:
Increase activity. Not only is it the genes that prevent further weight loss, hormones also have an impact. After menopause women find their metabolism slows down and they find that they expend fewer calories than before. So what was getting results earlier won’t do the job any more. Duration or intensity of workouts would therefore have to be increased.
Track intake: It is easy to lose track of what you eat and drink, with the accent being on drink. Often we don’t take into account calories that may come from beverages and snacks. This is what adds up. However when you keep a scrupulous account of total calories consumed you are more likely to be able to lose weight.
Combine good diet with exercise: understand what when one loses weight and gets smaller, fewer calories than before are required to do the same activities. Also only controlling diet is not easy. It has to be balanced with appropriate activity and exercise. This is because when deprived of calories, the body will burn muscle rather than fat, which is why one needs to maintain a proper balance of exercise and diet control.


Lack of exercise can lead to serious health problems like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
In order to arm yourself from these ailments, people have to exercise and go on a diet.
However, going to the gym everyday can eat up too much time while outdoor exercises such as walking and jogging take too much effort. No wonder, many people are now buying their own home gym equipment.
Having your personal gym equipment is expensive but it is more beneficial and practical in the long run. It is good to invest on gym equipment since you can use it anytime and anywhere you want.
Further, you no longer have to pay for gym membership fees and save yourself the trouble of going to the gym daily. With your own gym equipment, you are assured of sticking to your exercise regimen regardless of time and weather conditions.
Home gym equipment can be very expensive. In order to get your money’s worth; you must use it properly. When using your equipment, make sure you set it up correctly.
Adjust whatever it is that needs adjustment to fit your body, height, and capability. If needed, ask an instructor to help you start on your own gym equipment. Use smooth and precise movements.
If you want your gym equipment to last for a long time, you must take good care of it. Here are some tips you can apply:

Check your gym equipment regularly

As a responsible owner, you have to conduct a regular check-up on your gym equipment. See if there are cracks, tears, and other signs of damage on them so you can immediately repair them before they get worse. Check for loose screws and knobs and tighten them to avoid accidents.

Conduct regular maintenance

Just like how you ensure your car is in good working condition, you must do the same with your gym equipment. Oil your exercise machines regularly to avoid rust.
Clean and wipe dust off your equipment. After using, wipe sweat off the seat, bench, or handles of your machines to prevent them from getting stinky and dirty.

Store correctly

Gym equipment does not only refer to exercise machines like treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. They also refer to other equipment used when exercising like dumbbells, weights, ropes, wobble boards and many more. Store them in a cool dry place and never leave them behind after using to avoid tripping down on them.

Use wisely

If your gym equipment is run by electric power, check the wires regularly. Always unplug your machine if it is not in use to save electricity. Don’t play with your equipment or perform inappropriate exercises on them.

Observe child safety

Never allow your children to even to get near your gym equipment. Accidents can happen. Remember that kids are naturally curious they may stick their finger on your treadmill or try to lift the weights themselves. If possible, place your gym equipment in your bedroom or in any secured room in the house.

vineri, 26 februarie 2010

15 Minutes Workout For A Healthy Heart

Posted by dantntfcs

In a classical city-living day, people have difficulties to spare some time to work out.
They are torn apart between having to look for themselves or to look for their daily duties. Thus, they mostly choose not to spare time exercising.
In order to prevent this situation, a 15-minutes workout includes the daily exercising routines, squashes them and gets them the chance for a healthier heart condition.
Researchers found out that several times a week, it is important to raise the heartbeat about 20-30 minutes. However, for those who have limited time, a 15-minutes increased heartbeat will also affect the heart in a positive way compared to a non-exercised heart.
The exercises contain 5-minutes of cardio, 5-minutes of weights and 5-minutes of stretching. It is highly recommended not to start with weight lifting before increasing the heart beat properly by cardio exercises. So let’s give an example.
The session starts with cardio exercises to increase the heart rate, warm up the body and eventually sweat the body. It is important to sweat, in order to understand the effort is being made and the heart is working during the process.
The exercises that can be done during cardio are jumping a rope, dancing, bouncing on trampoline and practicing power yoga. Or if the routine can be done outdoors, running would be a good cardio exercise with benefits to heart, legs and thighs.
After cardio, weight lifting time comes. The weight exercises enable the balance to be active and engage the muscles in abdomens and back, which can be considered as the core parts of the body.
During these moves, be sure to feel the squeeze feeling of the muscles in order to understand that they work and answer to the moves.
The weight exercises are doing push-ups against the walls, holding a 3-5-pound weight in each hand and do choreography with both arms and legs.
The last exercise which closes the session is stretching. The moves aim to release the tension and increase circulation. Taking these moves as meditation with right breathing techniques will make the relaxing period more efficient.
These exercises include stretching body legs and arms in proper ways. They can be searched through websites or special stretching books and guides.
To be healthy, it is a must to make time for working out the body. For people who do not have enough time to do this, the 15-minutes exercise routine helps to remain fit and aware of their physical state.
So, now it is recommended to stop finding excuses for not exercising and make this 15-minutes daily workout a routine for a healthier being.

(5 minute for arms, 5 minutes for legs, 5 minutes for abdomen)

This post and video speaks about a round booty work out and for sure the exercises look to be effective for achieving a bootilicious result; but more importantly, the post speaks about finding the time and the motivation for starting a new routine.We all have several issues about how to find the time and how to fit into a busy schedule any kind of workout.
When you think about it, it all really boils down to giving up half an hour of sleep or TV or some other dispensable activity for fitting in a work out. It depends upon priorities really.
When you prioritize things, do you want that half hour of sleep in the early morning more than a fit, toned healthy body with more energy and get up and go? It could be something as simple as getting up just half an hour early, doing about 5 minutes of warm up, followed by 20 minutes of working out, and then end with some stretches.
The rest of the day can follow as usual, and one is sure to find a marked increase in energy levels and a feeling of strength and vitality; a vast improvement upon before!

4 Common Excuses To Not Get Fit

Posted by dantntfcs

“I had a hard week at work”, “yes, ok, but after watching this cool movie”, “… and I’m tired”.
Are these sentences familiar? If they are, congratulations, here is the membership card of “finding perfect excuses for not getting fit”’ club!
In today’s fast and tiring lifestyle, people find it hard to spare some time to exercising.
No, exercising does not include carrying the child’s bag as a heavy lift or walking from bathroom to study room as jogging.
So, the ultimate question is why do people avoid exercising that much bother to make excuses about not doing them?
First excuse may be the time issue. “I don’t have time” is an easy sentence to say, however, for exercising one should “make” time. There is always time for something, it is important to use it wisely for the best beneficial activities.
The other excuse is that the fitness gear is too expensive, and going to a gym is not free at all. If the need is to do an overall body workout, then it is necessary to go to a gym but if only cardio exercises will make the body fit, then a pair of running shoes and a nice tracksuit are the only necessities.

Depending on the weather, cycling, jogging or running can be the cheapest ways to exercise.
Time is ok, a gym membership is done, but all these fitness equipments are too boring, right? Sometimes it may be boring to do the same moves in order to work specific parts of the body. To get rid of this excuse, mp3 players are highly recommended. With the favorite music, no exercise can get any boring. Or if the fitness gear is at home, doing sports while watching a good movie in front of TV might be also a good idea.
The last favorite excuse is being a coach potato. One of the laziest excuses is postponing the start-day of exercise. “I will do it next day/week/month …” is the favorite sentence used for this excuse. To stop this habit, do not wait for a date such as 01.01 and start immediately. Put a mark on the schedule that shows the “day 1” being now.

If you envy the flexible bodies of gymnasts and ballet dancers, you should try doing flexibility exercises.
Flexibility starts with having flexible muscles which allow your joints to move effortlessly regardless of any movement.
In order to avoid muscle tension and injuries, you should perform flexibility exercises. Not only would they help improve your fitness but flexibility exercises are also proven to be beneficial for daily activities.
Flexibility exercises do not function similarly with aerobics exercises. They are designed to stretch your increments that will enable you to easily reach and extend your muscles.
They are also important in helping you maintain balance and agility. Doing regular flexibility exercises will definitely make it easier for you to do other more complicated and rigorous exercises.
Flexibility exercises

1. Stretching

There are many flexibility exercises out there but none is more popular than stretching. It is oftentimes overlooked by others but stretching serves as a warm up before you engage your body in more serious exercises.Moreover, stretching must be done after a workout too. Never bounce when you perform static stretches. Simply hold a comfortable position and stretch. You will feel a gentle pull on your muscles.Hold the position for about 15 to 30 seconds. Further, you can do simple stretches especially at work by moving your shoulders, legs, and neck to ease muscle tension.

2. Pelvic Presses

Flexibility exercises usually target areas of concentration just like the pelvic. Perform this exercise by lying on your back on a flat surface.
Raise your knees up while keeping both of your feet on the ground. Push your back to the floor. Maintain the same position for a few seconds.
Intensify these flexibility exercises by using variations. Accompany it with feet movement and pushing your back while your feet are slightly apart from each other.

3. Dog stretch

Get down on the floor like a standing dog. Raise your head, lower your arms, then arch your back and hold the position for a couple of seconds. This simple exercise will have tension brewing on your lower back as well as your neck.

4. Toe touch

Stand up with your feet slightly apart. Stretch both of your arms up. Then, carefully reach down for your toes. For effective results, avoid bending your knees while reaching for your toes.
Toe touch might appear simple but it would be hard especially if you haven’t had any stretching activities in a while. Do not rush or push yourself too hard into this exercise. Unlike with other flexibility exercises, it may take you weeks to eventually reach your toes.

5. Knee to chest exercises

Lie on your back and pull one of your thighs towards you. Clasp your hands on this thigh. Then, slowly pull it up to your chest.
Make sure that the other leg stays flat on the floor and hold this position for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure on your other leg. For best results, do ten repetitions for each leg.

6. Yoga

Flexibility exercises need not only focus on releasing muscle tension but should also offer other benefits.
Yoga is an exercise that improves flexibility, endurance, and balance. It is a training of the mind and body. In addition, yoga is an effective means of relaxing and relieving the body from stress.
Flexibility exercises are sometimes mistaken as mere stretching exercises. However, you should bear in mind that these kinds of exercises can greatly prepare you for more strenuous activities.
Like oil to common machines, flexibility exercises function to aid the muscles in different activities. Doing these exercises regularly will provide you with a lot of rewarding benefits.

sâmbătă, 20 februarie 2010

Self Motivation Key To Weight Loss

Posted by dantntfcs

This write up talks about the main kinds of activity that you can use to initiate weight loss and the general rules that govern each.
It also goes on to speak about the importance of self motivation in the pursuit for weight loss, good health and fitness.
Powerful motivation is important to continue to exercise consistently and even the use of exercise hypnosis motivation therapy is suggested. Some tips to keep you motivated:
Give yourself a powerful reason to get into shape to start to exercise; connect that to a long term life goal.
Take your time, but when you decide upon a goal, commit to it fully; no half measures.
Keep the goals realistic and easily measureable. If a long term goal is loss of 50 pounds, first set a five pound goal, which, when achieved will give you so much satisfaction that it will propel you to the next level.
Don’t lose track along the way. Keep a track of your goals and make sure that you don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal.
Don’t get discouraged. If there is a set back or if progress is not as brisk as you want it to be, don’t let that get in the way.

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